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Artists to Follow - Paul, Mathias, Andy, Maciej

I will periodically share a few artists per post that I recommend studying from or to follow what they are doing. The artists can vary from their work so it won't be all storyboard artists (but mostly ;) ).

Paul Coulthard / @spitfirestoryboards

Storyboard Artist & Codirector at Axis Studio in the UK. Blender extraordinaire who showed me the Way. Check out his tutorials on YouTube if you're interested in learning Blender for storyboarding or previs.

Mathias Zamecki / @mathiaszamecki

Art Director, Visual Development and Filmmaker based out of Poland has worked for heaps of studios and projects. His work is great and he offers tons of resources through his

Andy Cung / @andybcung

Writer, Director, Storyboard Artist and Educator who's classes really helped elevate my storyboarding skills to industry standards. Andy has worked on a variety of series and films featured on Netflix. His Storyboarding classes are well structured and applicable to all skill levels, Be sure to check out his personal filmmaking project, Thao: Rise of the Power Pham on Vimeo.

Cinematic Artist, Director and Technical Director at Warner Bros. Animation. Along with his incredible background, Maciej is also the developer of Vision GP, an add-on for Blender to help streamline the UI interface for storyboarding and later this year the shot management side will be released as well!


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