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Monthly Watchlist | April 2024

Updated: Apr 20

April will see the end of Shogun and Tokyo Vice. Episode 9 of Tokyo Vice was a banger, shit hit the fan everywhere. I started watching True Detective Season 4 and The Regime at the end of March. I hope the Boy and the Heron comes out on Max soon, otherwise I will trek to a theater playing the film after the Oscar run. Although the Halo series isn't quite what I hoped for I will still watch it as a true and devoted fan of the game series. Please feel free to share any film suggestions in the comments!

Here's a legend for the emojis:

  • Movie

  • Series

  • 🔥 - an absolute must watch

  • 🆕 - new episode or have not seen it before

  • 👌 - very well done

  • 😢 - you might need a tissue

  • 🔁 - I've seen it before so it's a re-watch

  • 🍿 - only in theaters

  • 👀 - been eyeing it

  • 🦸‍♂️, 🕵️‍♀️, 🌹, 😂 - genres: superhero, detective, romance, comedy

Watched so far or actively watching new episodes


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