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Whippet GP - Blender Add-on



Whippet GP is an add-on for Blender specifically designed to help speed up your storyboard drawings. Custom operators help add news keyframes, more commonly known as 'panels', to your timeline. Along with the operators, Whippet GP provides three critical Grease Pencil menus that live in three different locations natively in Blender. The Grease pencil layers, brush selection and material list are all displayed while the add-on is open.


Installation & Demo Tutorial video

Product Description



Add, Duplicate, Multiple & Clear

  • Inspired by Storyboard Pro, you can map the operators to keyboard shortcuts to save you time. Add a new drawing by however many frames you want to move it forward in the timeline. Duplicate, add multiple frames at one time and clear all the layers while staying in Draw mode!


Grease Pencil Layers

  • The same menu from the data properties window but conveniently placed in a side panel layout so you don't have to keep switching between menus. This also gives you the ability to quickly setup your GP objects and lock the layers you want to.


Brush Menu

  • The traditional Grease Pencil brush menu but slightly modify so you can see more brushes at once so you don't need to scroll down.



  • A list of all your Grease Pencil materials. Save frequently used materials to your start up file to see them listed here. To create new ones you will need to go to the native Blender menu. This is just for selecting previously made materials.


Please Note:

This add-on works for Blender 4.0. It is designed to work for one Grease Pencil object at a time. Future ideas include being able to choose whether to shift all objects or multiple selected objects. Auto-matte multiple selected GP Keyframes at once so that it iterates through the timeline in order to get the correct fill in view to camera. Adding a quick Blur FX for Depth of Field to camera.

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