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Complete Storyboard Breakdown

A full breakdown with story direction and technical advice to improve your projects.

  • 45 minutes
  • 100 US dollars


Choose one of your storyboard portfolio samples and I will provide shot by shot analysis, story advice and technical feedback to help improve that sample or for you to apply it to your next scene. The detailed draw overs will also be accompanied with a 45 minute virtual call to discuss the feedback. This is ideal for someone looking to break into the industry or is early on in their career. The scene should be no longer than 4 minutes in duration (or 400 panels). The project must be accessible via an online URL link or online folder, no Storyboard Pro files please. - 45 minute virtual call - Shot for shot breakdown of one storyboard portfolio piece - Discord Access (includes all other portfolio reviewees recorded) - Whippet GP download link All reviews are recorded and shared in a private Discord community so you can learn from the other reviews too.

Booking & Social Media Policy

By booking this service, you consent that the virtual call is recorded in order to be shared within the Discord community so other member's can learn from your review. This increases the value of all subsequent reviews since feedback will vary based on different artists' work. Additionally, recorded reviews may be used for promotion material from time to time. Note, your face and contact information will never be shared within these recordings.

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