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Intro to 3D Storyboarding Mentorship

COMING SUMMER 2024 - 3D Storyboarding Mentorship program for Blender

  • 1 hour 30 minutes


6 Week program to learn the fundamentals of storyboarding in Blender. This is a great way to learn the different techniques for developing 2.5D storyboarding and layout projects. Google Slide Deck with Course Overview: You will learn: - Grease Pencil functionality - 2D Perspective Drawing - Basic Modelling - Basic Shading techniques for storyboarding - UV unwrapping for simple shapes to texture objects with your style - Camera animation - 3D Blocking with 2D characters - Basic Compositing techniques - General overview of Blender's render settings, export and editing tools - Whippet GP download link and demo What you need to come to the course with: - An idea of a simple scene about 1 minute in length, preferably set outside. - Rough thumbnails for each shot - Blender 3.5 or later - Photoshop or another digital 2D drawing tool We will meet once a week and have a private Discord group to stay in touch each week. You can ask questions and receive guidance with a group setting.

Booking & Social Media Policy

By booking this service, you consent that the virtual call is recorded in order to be shared within the Discord community so other member's can learn from your review. This increases the value of all subsequent reviews since feedback will vary based on different artists' work. Additionally, recorded reviews may be used for promotion material from time to time. Note, your face and contact information will never be shared within these recordings.

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