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Monthly Watchlist | March 2024

Updated: Mar 31

March is off to a good start having watched the first two episodes of Shogun and The Promised Land. Tokyo Vice is releasing S2E6 on March 7th with the stakes getting higher and everyone feeling the heat. Shogun is an absolute must watch. The quality is tremendous from all forms of the craft and story is excellent. March 24 Update: Dune is a must watch in IMAX. Shogun is intensifying and brilliantly done. The Bad Batch is more exciting than ever and it's a treat to see such high quality craft go into a TV animated series. Poor Things is well crafted film with stunning visuals and superb acting by Emma Stone. I'm hoping to catch up on a few things with one week left in March.

Here's a legend for the emojis:

  • 🔥 - an absolute must watch

  • 🆕 - new episode or have not seen it before

  • 👌 - very well done

  • 😢 - you might need a tissue

  • 🔁 - I've seen it before so it's a re-watch

  • 🍿 - only in theaters

  • 👀 - been eyeing it

  • 🦸‍♂️, 🕵️‍♀️, 🌹, 😂 - genres: superhero, detective, romance, comedy

Watched so far or actively watching new episodes

Still to watch


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