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A Guide to Storyboarding in Blender

Here is the link to the Google Slides that contain several useful tips and links with resources to further learn about Blender. It's basically a glorified bookmark. The topics of the slides are summarized below.

From 2D to 3D. How to approach Storyboarding in Blender.

The purpose of this guide is to provide all the resources I utilized when learning how to storyboard with Blender. It contains tips on how to setup your Blender preferences, resources to utilize and people to learn from. Over the last few years I searched far and wide for ways to apply storyboarding in Blender. I was convinced there is a future workflow that would combine the schools of 2D and 3D techniques. The more posts I shared of using Blender the more the industry reached back out to me. I learned a lot from industry professionals who were willing to share their craft with me so this is the beginning of my journey in giving back. This is the Way.


Blender is full of customization options such as keyboard shortcuts, window layouts and UI themes. Be sure to adjust your key bindings and the Tab for Pie Menu to switch between Object and Draw mode more easily.


Getting into Blender

It's easy to get ahead of yourself and want to create vast 3D worlds in Blender. Focus on the basics to build a working foundation which will allow you to work more freely in Blender later on. Explore the basics of Grease Pencil to understand how objects contain layers, materials versus color attributes and the different modifiers.


Learning from Others

Since Blender is free and open source, there are heaps of people that have provided free tutorials and insights on how they use Blender. This page shares several artists you can learn from whether you are just beginning or already deep down the rabbit hole, searching for a way out...


Grease Pencil Add-ons & Tools

You will hear a lot about add-ons when diving into Blender. The volume of add-ons is overwhelming to say the least but this page provides links to useful Grease Pencil tools to help speed up and make your workflow more enjoyable.


3D Asset Libraries

As a storyboard artist, you should not be called into action to model in a professional setting. With that said, it is great to learn the basics so you can quickly mock up environments for your personal projects. However, a fast track to 3D objects is to purchase them online from other artists. See the different asset library links provided.


Your First Scene

Exercise 1 provides an example of a simple scene for you to begin creating storyboards in Blender. The intention behind this setup is to not focus on all the fancy 3D things but simply move a Grease Pencil object through space, setup your cameras and draw respectively to those cameras.


Educational Resources

Slides 17 through 20 provide lists of mentors of mine, story artists to study from and YouTube channels to watch. I will continue to add to resources to these lists so it will be one bookmark to rule them all!

I write about storyboarding and filmmaking topics. Feel free to follow me on LinkedIn, Instagram or subscribe to my YouTube channel where I post my personal work and tutorials.

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